Legal opinion refused

Appellant had sought to know whether Harish who suffers from brain mind problem is competent to purchase property. PIO denied the information under section 8(1)(e) and (j) and CIC upheld the said decision.

Applicant denied a copy of legal opinion

Appellant had sought a copy of the legal opinion obtained by the Respondents, which the respondents had refused to disclose. CIC dismissed the appeal following its earlier observations made in its decision in case No. CIC/AT/A/2007/00073 dated 7.5.2007:¬ “The relationship between a Counsel and his client is customarily held to be fiduciary and the exchanges […]

Legal opinion is exempt from disclosure

CIC has held that information concerning the legal opinion submitted by the panel advocate of the bank, cannot be provided under the RTI Act as it involves a fiduciary relationship and is, therefore, exempted from disclosure under Section 8 (1) (e) of the RTI Act.

Information relating to legal opinion exempted

Appellant had requested copies of legal opinion obtained from the bank’s lawyer and their Legal Department in respect of his legal notice, which was denied by the Bank under S.8(1)(e) of the RTI Act on the ground that it was held by it in a fiduciary capacity. Appellant stated that the information sought was in […]

RTI – Legal opinion obtained by Air India need not be disclosed

Appellant  had sought information regarding the opinion given by M/s Mulla & Mulla to Air India CIC held that in the instant case, the information sought by the appellant cannot be furnished without compromising or affecting the confidentiality and identity of the fiduciary, i.e. M/s Mulla & Mulla; that the matter is covered by Section […]