CIC – collection and collation of information diverts the resources

Appellant had sought information regarding use of fly ash bricks by contract agency in construction work in Deolali cantt. PIO provided him an opportunity of inspection but he did not avail it. On Second Appeal, CIC held that information sought will require collection and collation of inputs disproportionately diverting the resources of public authority, attracting […]

Information refused on the ground of diversion of resources

Appellant had sought information regarding employees hired by the Cantonments for various jobs on contractual basis, terms and tenure of contract and related matter. CPIO submitted that he had referred the application to five Commands because the information sought pertained to 62 Cantonments all over India. Commission dismissed the appeal invoking Section 7(9) of the […]

No provision to provide information in the applicant designed format

Applicant wanted information in the format designed by him. CPIO submitted that the information was not available in that form and its collection & collation would disproportionately divert public authority’s resources. CIC following the judgment of Delhi High Court in the case of The Registrar of Supreme Court of India vs Commodore Lokesh K Batra & […]

RTI does not expect collating information applied for

CIC has held that as per the decision Delhi High Court dated 07/01/2016 in LPA 24/2015 & CM No. 965/2015- The Registrar of Supreme Court of India vs Commodore Lokesh K Batra, there is no ‘provision under the RTI Act for the public authority to collate the information in the manner in which it is […]

CIC – applicant may seek information and not action on his complaint

Appellant had sought information pertaining to his complaint lodged with the President’s Secretariat. Respondent submitted that the appellant had not sought information instead he had sought an action which was not permissible under the RTI Act. Hence, no information could be provided to him. The respondent further submitted that the Hon’ble Supreme Court in SLP(C) […]

CIC observes frequent filing of RTI applications.

CIC has observed that the appellant submitted applications seeking voluminous information quite frequently as is apparent that his three applications were submitted between January 2014 to April 2014. Collecting and collating the varied documents and information sought is time consuming and result in avoidable diversion of resources of the public authority. The Hon’ble Supreme Court […]

No need to provide information unless law requires to maintain it

Appellant sought to know the number of current MPs who have criminal background. The appellant submitted that according to the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of Lok Sabha, such information ought to be collected by the Lok Sabha Secretariat. PIO submitted there was no provision in the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business […]

Daughter fails to get dad’s investment details from SEBI

The applicant sought information from the SEBI about her father’s investments  & transactions in financial securities for the last 2 decades. SEBI denied the information on the ground of non availability. The applicant appealed this decision, and requested that SEBI access those information from other organisation and then provide it to her. The FAA upheld the CPIO’s decision. […]