Vague request or general information sought

High Court of Bombay in the case of The State Information Commissioner vs. Tushar Dhananjay Mandlekar (W.P. (C) No. 3818 of 2010) dated 30.07.2012 has observed: “It is apparent from a reading of what is stated above that instead of seeking information on some specific issues, the respondent sought general information on scores of matters. […]

Supreme Court and misuse or abuse of RTI

The Supreme Court in the case of Aditya Bandopadhyay has observed that “The Act should not be allowed to be misused or abused, to become a tool to obstruct the national development and integration, or to destroy the peace, tranquility and harmony among its citizens. Nor should it be converted into a tool of oppression […]

SC says the RTI Act should not be allowed to be misused or abused

In Aditya Bandopadhya’s case in para 37, the Supreme Court has observed as follows: Indiscriminate and impractical demands or directions under RTI Act for disclosure of all and sundry information (unrelated to transparency and accountability in the functioning of public authorities and eradication of corruption) would be counter-productive as it will adversely affect the efficiency […]

RTI abused to trouble elder sibling

Younger brother sought information with regard to the personal file of his elder brother, whether pagination properly done; page missing from file, name and designation of officer responsible for it; etc.  CPIO denied the information claiming exemption under section 8 (I)(j). Before CIC, Appellant submitted that he was seeking the personal file of his elder brother. […]