LIC to publish FAQs regarding cancellation of its policies

Applicant had sought information whether repudiation code 1-101 was sufficient enough to cancel the policy; reasons for accepting the premium due on 2/2017 after informing repudiation of claim and other issues related thereto. On a query from CIC whether any FAQs had been answered and placed in public domain on such and related matters, PIO […]

Applicant fails to get clarification regarding ‘VIPs’

Appellant had sought information as to which officials are considered as VIPs. PIO stated that he was not supposed to create information or to interpret information or to solve problems raised by the appellant or to furnish replies to situational queries or to furnish clarification. CIC upheld the stand of the PIO and has relied […]

PF account details of wife denied to husband

Appellant had sought PF account details of his wife.  CIC after referring to the Supreme Court’s decision in Girish Ramchandra Deshpande vs. CIC – SLP(C) No. 27734 of 2012 dated 03/10/2012 and of the High Court of Delhi in the matter of Municipal Corporation Delhi vs. Rajbir W.P.(C) 13219/2009 and CM 14393/2009, dated 24.08.2017 held […]

Vague request or general information sought

High Court of Bombay in the case of The State Information Commissioner vs. Tushar Dhananjay Mandlekar (W.P. (C) No. 3818 of 2010) dated 30.07.2012 has observed: “It is apparent from a reading of what is stated above that instead of seeking information on some specific issues, the respondent sought general information on scores of matters. […]

CIC – RTI should not be used to harass public authority

CIC has held that RTI applicant should know that the Act is a means to promote public interest and should not be used as an instrument to harass the public authority. His repeated complaints have a grave impact on the functioning of CBSE, and if this is allowed, the public authority cannot focus on their […]

Obtaining information relating to Court cases

Applicant had sought a copy of the judgment of Allahabad High Court. CIC by relying upon the decision of the Supreme Court in CIC Vs. High Court of Gujarat in CIVIL APPEAL NO(S).1966-1967 OF 2020 (Arising out of SLP(C) No.5840 of 2015) dated 04th March, 2020, has agreed with the PIO that the information to […]

When information not held by the PIO

Applicant had sought information on “whether an individual against whom no FIR had been lodged could be held accountable for disturbance of peace on the basis of a surety bond signed by him, etc. PIO submitted that the queries raised were interpretative /clarificatory in nature which was beyond the purview of S.2(f) of the RTI […]

Attendance details to be disclosed

Appellant’s request for the disclosure of attendance record had been rejected. On appeal, CIC has observed that it is the duty of every public servant to attend the office on time and remain present during the working hours; that the citizens have every right to check/know the attendance timings of public servants; that the very […]

Monthly salary and designation of the official to be disclosed

Appellant’s request for disclosure of the designation and monthly remuneration of her husband was rejected under Sec.11 of the RTI Act as the 3rd party-husband had not consented for its disclosure CIC has observed that as per the provisions of Section 4(1)(b)(ix) and 4(1)(b)(x) of the RTI Act, 2005, every public authority is required to […]