Apps that make our life easier

The fast-paced life in metros leaves us no time to tackle problems that routinely affect our life. That’s where our smartphones come to our rescue. Technology now provides us the luxury to handle and manage our lives in a ‘smarter’ way, thanks to scores of applications that are making our life easier. An article by […]

Sold property? Get smart with exemptions

Boss, there is this thing I need to discuss with you if you have some time.” Mansukh, my garment dealer friend, came to see me, ostensibly to finalise his tax returns. Here’s how you can use the Capital Gains Account Scheme to your advantage. Read an article by Mr. Sandeep Shanbhag

All you need to know about Will and probate

PEOPLE have fair knowledge of a Will, which is defined in Indian Succession Act 1925 as “The legal declaration of intention of the testator, with respect to his property, which he desires to be carried into effect after his death.” Read an article by Advocate S. Selvakumar  

Of sunset years

Our elders are a treasure trove of time and wisdom. Only we still haven’t learnt to value their asset. That’s indeed a loss, both in monetary and ethical terms. Read more by Bharti Nath

Move with determination

Have you ever seen one quality in the successful people around you? You will find that they have a singular trait: Determination to succeed and do well. Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher and a champion of individualism, said, “If you head towards your goal with courage and determination, all the powers of the universe […]

Jen Aniston rule

Big question for you: “What are you doing to help build a new and better world?” Don’t blame politicians. Don’t blame those around you. Please Read the article by Robin Sharma

Work-life balance is humbug

Having a passion gives life a purpose. Many research findings have now proved that those who live with a purpose live longer (and healthier) than those living without a clear purpose or passion. So identity your passion and pursue it to live long and be happy. If your work is your passion then you won’t […]

Develop a never quit attitude to be a winner

Why are some people always successful at whatever they do while others live out their lives in failure? How can some people love their work and others abhor it? Again, how do some manage to live out their dreams when the rest spend their lives only dreaming? Author : PAYAL CHANANIA

Low-Tech Fixes for High-Tech Problems

BEHIND the cash register at Smoke Shop No. 2 in downtown San Francisco, Sam Azar swipes a customer’s credit card to ring up Turkish cigarettes. The store’s card reader fails to scan the card’s magnetic strip. Azar swipes again, and again. No luck. As customers begin to queue, he reaches beneath the counter for a […]

Why say yes, when you mean no

Saying yes, especially at work, instead of a no, out of a misguided notion that you can do it all, can land you stressed and miserable.  Everybody wants to make an impression, especially at work. It’s that urgency in us to climb the career ladder that lands us in a lot of trouble most of […]

Change is essence of growth

“When we change, we improve; when we change often, we reach perfection.” To survive in times of change, organisations must adapt to change. For some, change is progress and they celebrate the improvements that it brings. Others consider transformation as a curse and wish for good old days. In other words, responses differ for the […]

Pygmalion in leadership

The leadership competency “Impact and Influence” can be developed and practiced. …….. Influencing leaders note individual specific contributions and often tell people that what they do is important and offer help and ask for it. They provide autonomy in how people to do things. They surprise people with enriching and challenging assignments showing deep interest in […]