CPIO is bound to implement the Order of FAA

CIC observed that no additional reply had been provided to the appellant even after a direction from the FAA to provide the requisite information vide his order dated 03.08.2018. CIC expressed its extreme displeasure towards the irresponsible attitude of the then CPIO who had not even paid heed to his own FAA’s order and had […]

CIC has held that S.8(1)(j) applies only to individuals or persons

CIC has held that in common language, the adjective “personal‟ is found applicable to “person”, an individual and not to an Institution or a Corporate; that the term “personal” cannot be related to Institutions, Organisations or Corporates and S. 8(1)(j) of the RTI Act cannot be applied when the information concerns Institutions, Organisations or Corporates. […]

Information relating to commercial data of 3rd parties refused

CIC has upheld PIO’s decision to refuse disclosure of 3rd parties commercial data observing that disclosing of the commercial data of third party(s) has the potential of affecting their competitive position; that the appellant had not mentioned his relation with the concerned companies in the RTI application nor established any larger public interest in the […]

Request for disclosure of reasons for passing award refused

Applicant had sought information regarding the reasons on the basis of which award was given to Mr. Satish despite causing loss to the company with respect to maintenance of spare parts. The same was not considered. CIC agreed with the PIO observing that the appellant had not sought any specific documents and therefore, the CPIO […]

RTI applicant not entitled for copies of her own documents

CIC has held that the appellant is not entitled to seek her own documents in terms of the judgment of the Madras High Court in W.P. No. 26781 of 2013 and M.P. No. 1 of 2013 titled as The Central Information Commission v. B. Bharathi dated 17.09.2014, wherein, it is observed as follows:- “24. Insofar […]

CIC – collection and collation of information diverts the resources

Appellant had sought information regarding use of fly ash bricks by contract agency in construction work in Deolali cantt. PIO provided him an opportunity of inspection but he did not avail it. On Second Appeal, CIC held that information sought will require collection and collation of inputs disproportionately diverting the resources of public authority, attracting […]

LIC to publish FAQs regarding cancellation of its policies

Applicant had sought information whether repudiation code 1-101 was sufficient enough to cancel the policy; reasons for accepting the premium due on 2/2017 after informing repudiation of claim and other issues related thereto. On a query from CIC whether any FAQs had been answered and placed in public domain on such and related matters, PIO […]

Applicant fails to get clarification regarding ‘VIPs’

Appellant had sought information as to which officials are considered as VIPs. PIO stated that he was not supposed to create information or to interpret information or to solve problems raised by the appellant or to furnish replies to situational queries or to furnish clarification. CIC upheld the stand of the PIO and has relied […]