When information is dispersed in several documents, RTI does not require PIO to compile it

Respecting the appeal to the CIC., the PIO informed it that they had replied to the appellant that the information sought was available in various documents and had requested the appellant to inspect them in their office. CIC., after considering the submissions of the respondent and perusal of the records, observed that the information did not exist at one place and had to be compiled from various documents to answer the RTI application, that as per the RTI Act, such exercise of compilation was not expected from the CPIO and that the appellant had been given opportunity to inspect the documents related to his RTI application in their office and hence its intervention was not required.
Kundan Kishore vs CPIO, M/o Railways,
S.A. No. CIC/ECRHJ/A/2018/116037 DD 29-11-2019

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