Citizens have a right to know if there are complaints against an official

In Kamal Kishore Arora v. Public Information Officer (SICP)- A.C. No. 673 of 2012. D/d. 4.7.2012, it was held by the Hon’ble Bench that: “…… every citizen has a right to know if there are any complaints against the concerned official. There is nothing in the Right to Information Act, 2005, which exempts from disclosure such information. The mere fact that the information is voluminous by itself would not authorise a PIO to deny the information. Further information pertaining to conduct of official duties of a public servant is not private information of individual official which may fall within Section 8(i)(j). Disclosure of public complaints against an official could never be considered an invasion of privacy of the officer concerned”
Kamal Kishore Arora vs CPIO and others
File no.: CIC/MOCMI/A/2018/160203/03169 DD 18/03/2020

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