Only the information available, existing & held by PIO can be disclosed.

CIC has observed that under the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005, only such information as is available and existing and held by the public authority or is under the control of the public authority can be provided and the CPIO is not supposed to create information that is not a part of the record. He is also not required to interpret information or furnish replies to hypothetical questions. In support of its above decision, CIC has relied upon the decision of the Supreme Court of India in Khanapuram Gandiah v. Administrative Officer in SLP (C).34868 of 2009 (Decided on January 4, 2010)
Sandhya Das vs CPIO., EPFO,
File no.: – CIC/EPFOG/A/2019/135034 DD 16-3-2020

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