Information relating to commercial data of 3rd parties refused

CIC has upheld PIO’s decision to refuse disclosure of 3rd parties commercial data observing that disclosing of the commercial data of third party(s) has the potential of affecting their competitive position; that the appellant had not mentioned his relation with the concerned companies in the RTI application nor established any larger public interest in the matter and hence the information relating to third parties being in the nature of commercial confidence is exempted under Sec. 8(1)(d) of the RTI Act, 2005.
CIC further held that the appellant had sought very wide and non-specific information about the aforesaid companies for which the CPIO cannot be expected to analyse and interpret the documents in order to create the information in the manner sought by the appellant. In support of its stand, the CIC has relied upon the decision dated 07-01-2016 of the Delhi High Court in LPA 24/2015 & CM No. 965/2015 – The Registrar of Supreme Court of India v. Commodore Lokesh K Batra & Ors.,
S.A.No. CIC/CRAIL/A/2018/626208 DD 13-3-2020
Pravin Shrivastava vs CPIO, M/o. Railways

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