CIC applies principles of res judicata to RTI

CIC after hearing both sides observed that the records reveal that similar queries about property No. 885-886, Tilak Gali and property no. 3172, Gali Sui Wali, have been adjudicated by a previous Bench of this Commission vide appeal no. CIC/DS/A/2012/002046 and appeal no. CIC/SG/A/2012/000835 that the appellant admits the fact and hence the appeals are barred from adjudication by operation of the principle of res judicata.
Second Appeal Nos. CIC/NDMCP/A/2018/147093
CIC/NDMCP/A/2018/147092 DD 3-2-2020
Shri Inder Pal Kalra vs. PIO/EE (Building)/City SP Zone, NDMC, Kashmiri Gate

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