Public authority need not collect or collate non available information

Under the provisions of the RTI Act, the Public Authority is expected to provide only that information which it holds.
In CBSE & Anr. vs. Aditya Bandopadhyay & ors. (C.A. No. 6454 of 2011) the Supreme Court has observed that :
“35……… where the information sought is not a part of the record of a public authority, and where such information is not required to be maintained under any law or the rules or regulations of the public authority, the Act does not cast an obligation upon the public authority, to collect or collate such non-available information and then furnish it to an applicant……………”
C. Lakshmi Narasamma vs CPIO: Reserve Bank of India
Second Appeal No.CIC/RBIND/A/2018/121083 DD 31-1-2020

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