Caste Certificate not disclosed

CIC in S.A. No. CIC/SERLK/A/2018/115309 DD 29-11-2019 – Dr. Bimal Kumar Raj … vs CPIO, M/o. Railways, South Eastern Railway following the decisions of the Delhi High Court dated 08.11.2013 in W.P.(C) 5812/2010 in UPSC v. Pinki Ganeriwal, and the order dated 01.07.2019 in W.P.(C) 776/2016 & CM. No. 3376/2016 in Baljeet Singh v. The PIO, Industrial Training Institute, Jahangirpuri held that the ‘caste certificate’ of an employee is exempted under S. 8(1)(j) r/w S. 8(1)(e) of the RTI Act, 2005 and no element of larger public interest had been established in the matter.

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