Caste Certificate is exempted from disclosure

CIC has held that the ‘caste certificate’ of an individual employee is an exempted information as per the provisions of Section 8(1)(j) r/w Section 8(1)(e) of the RTI Act, 2005 …………… This position has also been upheld by the Hon’ble Delhi High Court in its order dated 08.11.2013 in W.P.(C) 5812/2010 titled as UPSC v. Pinki Ganeriwal, wherein, it was observed as under:- “5. In the present case, the information such as date of birth, institution and year of passing graduation, field experience, and caste is the personal information of the selected candidates. There is no finding by the Commission that it was in the larger public interest to disclose the aforesaid personal information of the recommended candidates. Even in his application seeking information, the respondent did not claim that any larger public interest was involved in disclosing the aforesaid information. In the absence of such a claim in the application and a finding to this effect by the Commission, no direction for disclosure of the aforesaid personal information could have been given.” No. CIC/ERAIL/A/2018/106616 D.D. 27-9-2019 Bindu Saha vs CPIO, M/o Railways, Eastern Railway, O/o Chief Medical Superintendent, Andal, W.B.

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